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Research is a practice that supports the very essence of the road less traveled.  It is the fundamental basis for the need to improve; to innovate.  Increased efficiencies, increased accuracy, increased potential are all at the root of every idea.   The uncertain bridge between the problem and solution creates that moment where the path forward becomes clear and a research effort is born.

The unique subject matter experts at Evolution Enterprises, Inc. are very well acquainted with that spark.  

Our incomparable experience in creating novel acquisition vehicles creates the perfect infrastructure to safely cradle your ingenuities, secure the right partners, and guarantee compliance with regulatory guidelines.   

Global infectious disease & health

From North to South America, Asia and the Middle East, We have generated unique acquisition vehicles supporting research collaborations amongst foreign governments and with globally dispersed teams of experts for new methodologies to treat and combat infectious diseases.

BENCHtop to trial

We have created novel and robust acquisition vehicles for INDs, 510ks and other research efforts successfully navigating a concept from benchtop through clinical research trials including regulatory compliance requirements.

Military medicAL R&D

Our efforts in military medicine are incomparable.  Our skills have been demanded by R&D efforts across all branches of the DoD including special projects for the Sec. of Defense.  We always get the job done for our warfighters and place the needs of our US Armed Force as #1 on our list of priorities.